Lyon Conveyancing Services

What is conveyancing? Legally speaking, conveyancing is the process through which the rights, title and interest in real property are transferred from one person or entity to another. The process involves the preparation, execution and lodgement of a number of lengthy legal documents. A quality conveyancer can properly advise you in relation to your obligations and rights in relation to these documents, while assisting you to comply with your obligations and ensuring that your rights are not being denied or diminished. A good conveyancer will always take the time to properly explain to you the effect of each of these documents before you sign them.
Conveyancing also includes investigating the title of the property in order to ensure that it is not adversely affected by certain matters, such as proposals by government departments, illegal buildings, outstanding rates or any orders for work to be done which have not been complied with. Your conveyancer will consult with you and discuss which searches and inquiries are necessary or desirable in each case.

Lyon Services

Lyon Conveyancing can assist you with a wide range of services including:

  • Sale or purchase of Residential Properties
  • Sale or purchase of Commercial Properties
  • Land Divisions (both Torrens and Community)
  • Private Contracts
  • Family Transfers
  • Matrimonial Transfers
  • Preparation of Form 1’s (vendor statements / cooling off papers)
  • Title Insurance  

We recommend that clients discuss their requirements with a conveyancer before signing a contract to ensure they are protected and have the appropriate clauses and conditions in the contract  - certainly a purchaser should seek advice within their two working day "cooling off" period.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on any of our conveyancing services.